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I’ve been reorganizing the tags to separate actor and character and I’ve gotten to that point in the blog where I “quit” and started putting them as text posts. oh god. that was a dark time in this blog’s life.

Sorry for the lack of confessions lately! 

I don’t really have internet during the day when I’m at my dad’s house and I’m going to be on vacation next week, but for now, I have all the confessions that were submitted queued up. Feel free to submit some more so that some more confessions can be queued up and posted throughout the week since I’m not really going to be on. 

Also I apologize, because I know that you all hate when I make regular posts. 

I know that no one cares, but look what my mom bought me for my birthday today


If you haven’t seen already, there are more things up at the store. You can now buy 16.4” x 23” posters, different sized greeting cards/postcards, and other prints of the pictures that are in there now.

Freaks and Geeks T-Shirts?

I’ve been looking around and there doesn’t seem to be many of them available on the internet, so why not make them! I’ll make them available on redbubble so even if you don’t want a shirt you could always just get a sticker with the same designs on it for only like $1-$2. Also if you guys would maybe want to help out you can submit some designs! Would you guys honestly order them?


This blog has honestly ruined this amazing show for me. Therefore, I think I’m going to just post the last confessions as text posts, close the ask and submit boxes, and just leave this blog the way it is. Thank you for this amazing experience. I’ve met some amazing people through this blog. Freaks and Geeks brings people together, and I think this blog did that perfectly. 

Bye, guys!


Sorry we haven’t been posting as many confessions! I’ve been pretty busy with school and holiday stuff lately, and hadn’t really had a lot of time to do these confessions, but I’m on holiday vacation now, so hopefully Lin and I will get a majority of the confessions in the ask box throughout the week. Thanks for understanding! Submit your confessions here or here.


If you submitted a confession before last Monday, it’s in the queue and should go up today. And if you submitted a confession before today, it will probably be up this weekend. Just saying.

Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it!

I am personally thankful for James Franco’s beautiful face. What are you all thankful for this year?

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